Healthy Life

Published by Giannis Tsimperidis on

Our association Innovating Activities in Education, Tourism, Health and Interculturality KDETYD was in the happy place to be a part of a unique experience and a great project in Katrineholm, Sweden on 16 – 28 September 2022 with the subject “Healthy life”. So we gathered a great team of 10 participants who by the way became really close friends after the end of the project!

In the project the total number of participants was 49 people from 5 different countries, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, Lithuania and Greece. The target of the project as you can imagine from the title itself was to get used in a new and healthier way of living and thinking with all the parameters that may be included in these words. So there was a variety of activities and workshops that helped us achieving this goal by the end of the project. Surely this could not have happened without the participation of our wonderful trainer Mike!!!

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