First Step to Europe (Meeting with “Me…Nοu”)

Published by Giannis Tsimperidis on

Press Release

The association “INNOVATIVE ACTIVITIES IN EDUCATION, TOURISM, HEALTH AND  INTERCULTURALITY KDETYD”, hosted from 5 to 9 October 2022 in Drama, young people from Poland, the association Stowarzyszenie Rozprawy o Europa, Bulgaria, the organization Academy for Active Youth, and from Italy, Mobility Opportunities Happening APS.

The mobility of the organizations was part of the implementation of the European program, “FIRST STEP IN EUROPE – strengthening the active participation of citizens among young people in small towns”.

On Saturday 8-10-2022 in the afternoon, they visited the Social Cooperative Enterprise, a member of “Solidarity Co-operation”, “Me..Nou”, which was created in the Regional Unit of Drama with a central philosophy of offering opportunities to people with disabilities for work, socialize and acquire professional skills.

The social face of the company “Me…Nou” was discussed, since as active citizens they are present, by organizing or participating, in actions of social, cultural, educational or even sports content that aim to raise awareness of the community on the issues of disability and the practical offer solidarity with fellow man.

The outcome of the meeting was useful, with a direct impact on the attendees so that it could develop into a follow-up action in their countries, as the work of the Social Cooperative Enterprise was highlighted, creating incentives for the partners to encourage the participation of people with disabilities in similar activities.

The participants exchanged ideas on identifying and implementing good practices, empowering people with disabilities in a developed framework of similar actions in their countries.