KDETYD is a Scientific non-profit Association, founded in 2020, dealing with Innovating Activities in Education, Tourism, Health and Interculturality (Gr: ΚΔΕΤΥΔ) based in Drama, Eastern Macedonia, Greece but its activities are expanding so it can carry out educational programs, actions, counseling or training to all people without discrimination.

Our members are teachers of formal and non-formal education, professionals and non-professionals, educators of all levels, scientists, researchers, as well as friends and young people who do not necessarily have any scientific or research qualifications, but are interested in innovation in Education, Tourism, Health and Interculturalism.

Our actions concern voluntary work related to the areas of interest of the association and aim at the improvement of the living standards in local communities and their promotion. We cooperate with public and private bodies as well as with kindred domestic associations, designing and implementing programs concerning the development, dissemination and application of innovation in various issues in European societies.