In the field of Interculturality, we design and implement programs aimed at learning opportunities of the local language and culture. We strengthen the promotion of values, attitudes and behaviors that support ethnocultural diversity, the fight against stereotypes, prejudices, inequalities, marginalization and racism in the content of educational experiential learning practices. We help people interpret events from the perspective of different ethnic and cultural groups.

The training includes actions to promote early integration into the labor market and entrepreneurship of immigrants and refugees. We also provide health education for active participation and social inclusion, with actions to support exchanges in the local host community and enhance the participation of immigrants in cultural life resulting in the fight against discrimination.

For the integration of immigrants and refugees, we aim at counseling actions to raise the awareness of trainees on issues related to national and cultural diversity in society with an intercultural orientation.

Workshop for a new life "Change Management"
Voluntary Educational Action in Interculturalism
Knowing the Historical Landmarks of our City