First Step to Europe (Event in Drama)

Published by Giannis Tsimperidis on


The association “INNOVATIVE ACTIVITIES IN EDUCATION – TOURISM – HEALTH AND INTERCULTURALITY KDETYD”, with the aim of activating and strengthening young people, so that they invest in their local communities, held on Friday, October 7, 2022, in the event hall of Municipality of Drama, the thematic Youth Festival “The challenges of the European continent in the 21st century”.

Many young people from the city of Drama participated in experiential workshops, discussed with their peers from Poland, Italy, Bulgaria about topics such as European values, their participation in politics, freedom in Education, misinformation in the Media, protection of the environment, as well as the voluntary actions of young people in their local communities.

The event was attended by young people from the cultural association of the Thracian Home, accompanied by their dance teacher, Mr. Chrysa Sidera, who at the end of the event, presented dances with songs from Macedonia and Thrace, thus showing foreigners that tradition gives the pulse and creates that dynamic, which pushes the young people of our small town to voluntarily get involved in actions through culture and to contribute with a positive attitude to our local society.

Also, in addition to the young professionals, students and pupils who participated, students from Krassopoulou my school also attended, who together with their teachers, communicated, collaborated and presented their ideas, regarding European Values, in English.

Finally, from the Municipality of Drama, Mr. Alexandros Rados, Councilor of the Community of Drama, participated, who has knowledge and experience in the cooperation of young people in Europe and presented the work of the Municipality in direction of creating opportunities for the young people of our city.