Web Seminar on “Security in Hotels”

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The pandemic situation and the lockdown did not disturb the association’s educational activities. Before the end of 2020, a live web seminar was implemented for interested individuals and members of KDETYD, lasting 2 hours, on the topic “Hotel Security” in collaboration with Mr. Deligiannis Petros.

Tourism Security is a concept that has a wide range and includes from the most serious incidents, such as terrorism, natural disaster, etc. to a minor injury. No one can predict, where and when a Safety-related incident will occur, but it is the duty of a tourism company to take any precautionary measures needed to eliminate the risk of occurrence. The training aims at threat analysis, security incident prevention and response procedures.

Security issues concern all employees in a hospitality unit, permanent or seasonal staff. They concern anyone who works in the administration, in the reception, in the offices, the technicians-maintenance, the employees in the F&B sectors of the hotel (kitchen, bar), etc.

It is also addressed to the staff of the Private Security Services Companies (I.E.Π.Y.A.) who work permanently or seasonally in hotels.

Educational Objectives:

The trainees at the level of attitudes through the seminar will be able to:

  • To understand the importance of having a Security environment in Hotels and in the entire tourist product
  • Effectively distinguish signs of threat
  • Be aware of the threats faced by staff and customers from various forms of crime
  • To prepare the company in matters of Security without disturbing its overall daily operation
  • To act effectively in any situation that arises and to cooperate with the Public Authorities if the need for intervention arises

Acquiring knowledge about:

  • The necessity of Security in hotels
  • Developments in the field of hotel Security and its design
  • Risks and action
  • The legal framework, the obligations of the company and the customers
  • The principles of risk management and management strategy
  • The safety equipment and its use
  • The identification of suspicious mail
  • The actions towards VIP protection
  • Issues related to Fire Protection / Fire Safety, electric shock
  • Issues related to First Aid and COVID-19
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